Q:Who the Hell are you guys, and what are you doing?

A:We are glad that you asked. We are just a couple of average shooters who are sick and tired of the high cost of shooting. Thankfully we reload, so we thought we could help to bring down prices by bringing some innovation, and increasing the supply.

Q:When i ordered brass, it looked like there were some extra pieces in the box?

A:Yes, we know that we can not catch every bad case, so we make sure that you have a few extra just in case...

Q:I just got a box of brass, and i think someone screwed up and dropped some boolits in with the order?

A:Yes, they were dropped in but on purpose. We will soon be offering a new line of Polymer Jacketed Hollow Points for reloaders and manufacturers. We beleive that every day shooters are the best way to see if we are getting things right!

Q:Why are you using Polymer to Jacket your Hollow Points?

A: Our goal here is to reduce the cost of shooting while providing better quality products. Polymer Jackets are less costly than copper jackets, and if the Zombies come, your plinking ammo will stop Zombies better!

Q:Are you going to be offering loaded ammo?

A:Yes in the future we are planning on offering loaded ammo with our Polymer Jacketed Hollow Points. They tell us we need a sprinkler system first.

Q:Can I see what you have coming?

A:Absolutely! the best place is to find us on Instagram @zmunitions We have lots of fun pics and a good meme game!

Q:What is this "rollsizing"?

A:Many firearms do not have a supported chamber. This can leave a "Bulge" at the base of the case, one that may not be sized in the regular reloaging process. This is especially bad in Glock and 1911 Colt pistols. .40 S&W, 9mm and .45 ACP are prone to this problem. Roll Sizing sizes the base of the case taking out the Bulge, and bringing the case head back in to spec so you do not have a failure to chamber. And with the cost of Primers today, it is not worth taking the risk.We want to provide you with the best quality, and that means going the extra mile.

Q:What is the meaning of life?